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About Us

Under the direct supervision of His Grace Bishop Youssef, Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern U.S., the ministry of Triumphant Christian Retreat (TCR) at Triumphant Christian Church was founded to provide a faith-based road to recovery through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Located in Brooksville, Fla., TCR was established for the purpose of building a refuge for the spiritual, emotional, and physical regeneration of men who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. TCR provides services to men who are seeking freedom from Satan’s kingdom and spiritual recovery from the bondage of sin and addiction through Christian principles and Orthodox teachings.


The property is situated on a large green field in a quiet, solace environment. The cornerstone of TCR and the road to recovery is the altar of the Three Saintly Youth Chapel. The chapel is where daily worship takes place and weekly Divine Liturgies are celebrated. This chapel is the place of refuge for our men during times of trials through recovery.


The facilities are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, resident dorms and showers, meeting rooms, kitchen, dining room, media room, gym, soccer field, and indoor games such as ping pong.


Our nine-months Christian recovery program is based on the fundamental belief that solutions to addicting sins such as, but not limited to, drug and alcohol abuse can be found through faith in God. The men at TCR come from all different socio-economic backgrounds and age groups. Each resident comes voluntarily searching for a better way of life, free from the bondage of addicting sins, drugs, and alcohol. The program encourages each man to develop his own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The work regime and Christian study, combined with the peaceful setting, allow residents time to reevaluate their lives and begin to understand why they have faltered along the way. 


Our team consists of live-in on-site staff, a program director, a group therapist, psychiatrists, spiritual counselors, and volunteers that visit regularly to offer certain services for the men of TCR. The team is headed by a diocesan priest, responsible for the program's management as well as spiritual and administrative oversight.

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