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TCR is a Christian recovery program for any man who needs to be freed from the bondage of addiction. We are not a medical facility or a homeless shelter. The single most important factor for admittance is a man’s attitude. Each incoming resident is interviewed to see if he has a sincere desire to find spiritual help. We have found that we cannot help a man until he is ready to let God help him. We have also found that men who come unwillingly or not ready, their stay in the program sustains only to two weeks. 


Our program requires a nine months commitment. The following outlines the requirements and admissions process for TCR.


Application Process and Admission Requirements

Because of our limited capacity, the following established requirements must be met prior to consideration for admission:

  1. The man applying to TCR must be willing to commit to the nine months in-house program.

  2. We require that the man interested in the program complete and submit our online application.

  3. The Intake Coordinator or a staff member will phone the applicant to interview him. Members of the Intake Committee will individually contact the applicant for a phone interview.

  4. The applicant will be asked to discuss: current situation; reason for wanting to enter program; name, age, address, and phone number; occupation and work history; marital status and number of dependents; how the family will be cared for while here (if applicable); type of addiction and number of years in it; previous rehabilitation programs attended; current court charges; complete criminal history; and medical problems requiring special attention.

  5. The personal interview should in no way be interpreted as automatic acceptance into the program. Its purpose is to discern if a man is truly ready to receive help and determine how we can best meet his particular needs.

  6. After the interviews are conducted, the Intake Committee reconvenes to make a decision on the admission. The applicant will be contacted with the decision. 

  7. We require that a man be completely off drugs or alcohol; undergo detox in his local hometown, be flown/transported to TCR immediately after completion of detox, and bring the necessary documentation. We will not take men into our program who are intoxicated or under heavy sedation. If the man is not able to undergo detox in his local hometown, our Intake Coordinator can help coordinate detox nearby TCR.


If the applicant is approved for admission into the program, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Persons requiring medication or medical attention will have their situation reviewed on an individual basis.

  2. No tobacco products of any kind are allowed in the program because of the correlation between alcohol, drug and tobacco addictions. One of the goals of the program is to overcome all self-destructive addictions.

  3. Before coming into TCR, all legal obligations, including court dates, must be successfully completed or deferred until completion of the program. Once the man is admitted to TCR, leaving to attend to personal business is not allowed.

  4. Someone must bring the man to TCR. No personal vehicles are allowed on-site.

  5. The man must bring a picture ID and Social Security card.

  6. Only immediate family is allowed to visit or receive phone calls - no girlfriends or common-law wives. All visitors must have a proof of relationship in order to visit (i.e., marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.). This is strictly enforced.

  7. We have the right to refuse admission at your scheduled time and date if you do not pass the drug test, breathalyzer or come without your proper identification as required. We also have the right to refuse admission if you appear to be insincere.

  8. We have the right to dismiss you at any time during the program for any of the reasons outlined in #7 above, for misbehavior, or for failing to fulfill the program cost requirements detailed below.


Program Cost & Fees

  • Resident sponsorship is $1,500 monthly, which covers the cost of room and board, program’s educational and training materials, and in-house recreational activities conducted at TCR. The fee does not include costs of medical care should the resident require medical attention, medicine, visits to a doctor's office, dentist, or a hospital.

  • The sponsorship fee is due upon admission to the program, and, thereafter, it is due monthly until the resident’s completion of the program. 

  • In the event that an applicant’s family is unable to fund the entire sponsorship amount, financial assistance may be available through coordination with the applicant's local priest/Father Confessor. Such coordination must be completed with applicant participation prior to arrival at TCR.

  • Sponsorship is non-refundable if the resident’s detox was performed in Florida with the assistance of TCR and he decides not to continue in the program. If detox was performed in the resident’s hometown, a $500 administrative fee will be assessed in addition to a prorated amount based on the number of days the resident has spent at TCR.

  • A transportation deposit of $400 is required at admission to cover the cost of the resident's return home (applies to residents from outside central Florida).

  • The costs of approved medications, academic study books, and other approved personal items are not covered by the monthly sponsorship of $1,500. Funding of such costs must be arranged with the Intake Coordinator and the Treasurer prior to admission. 

  • The program is not responsible for transportation or monetary assistance for those who decide to end the program before completion.

  • Payment of the monthly sponsorship, transportation deposit, and any other amounts due under the program are to be made according to the following instructions.


New Resident Onboarding

What To Bring:

  • Five sets of clothing, personal hygiene items, washcloth, towel, pillow, proper clothes for church services, three (3) bed sheets, three pillowcases, shower shoes, robe, bible, and backpack.

  • Bible, Agpeya (Book of Hours), your deacon vestment (tonia) if you are a deacon

  • Only Christian literature is allowed.

  • You may bring stamps, writing materials, envelopes, and pens.


What Not To Bring :

  • No cologne, aftershave, mouthwash, aerosol spray cans, or any products containing alcohol

  • No food or drinks

  • No electronic devices (such as tablets or laptops) are allowed on the premises

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